5 Fantastic Reason to Buy Term Life Insurance

Often people misunderstand term insurance plans as the regular saving plan with maturity benefit. When they get to know that there are no such benefits received on maturity, they tend to think that it is a wastage of money.

But this isn’t true because every year we see a lot of uncertain deaths because of road accidents and medical reasons. And if you are the sole breadwinner of your family, then you must cover yourself with Term Insurance so that in case of your sudden demise, your loved ones shouldn’t get the financial strain of daily expenses.

Term Life Insurance is a fantastic product where you can invest a little and covered with a substantial sum assured amount. This amount is then given to your family in case of your death during the term of the policy which helps them in sustaining their usual lifestyle without compromising.

Let us discuss the five fabulous reasons to buy term life insurance today:

Low Premiums and High Sum Assured – Term Insurance is the only life insurance policy that gives you excellent coverage in the smallest possible premiums in the industry. You can opt for Rs 1 crore coverage policy for which you’ll be liable to pay a very nominal amount of Rs 30-40 per day at max. And if you go for this policy at your young age, then this premium amount could be even lesser. So, it is always advised to buy term life insurance as early as possible. Term Life Insurance plan gives financial security to your family in your absence which works as a backup plan in case of your sudden demise. The insurance coverage amount helps your children to fulfill their dreams, your family to manage their regular expenses and repay any pending debts without putting any extra financial burden on them.

Tax Benefit – Gives tax benefit under section 80 C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. You can buy term life insurance and get a tax benefit as well, and thus it becomes a win-win deal. In case of your death during the policy term, your nominee will receive the sum assured amount, which is also tax-free under section 10 (D). Your nominee can easily deposit that sum assured to a bank or any other trusted bond and get good interest to handle monthly expenses. Though the significant purpose of Term Life Insurance is to cover your family financially in your absence; however, it also serves your goal of saving tax up to Rs 1.5 Lacs.

Long Term Goal Achievement – Term Insurance may not benefit you in the short-run because it doesn’t offer maturity benefit, but it will help your family achieve their long-term goals. For instance, your children might have some dreams which might not get fulfilled in your absence. Also, your family might face financial distress when you are not with them. So here term life insurance works as a shield to protect your family financially. The sum assured amount will be able to help your children pursue their dreams as well as your family to lead their life comfortably.

Flexible and Convertible – Term Life Insurance is the simplest form of life insurance policy, yet it is way more flexible. There are plenty of riders available like critical illness rider, accidental death rider, waiver of premium rider, family income benefit rider, child term rider, the return of premium rider, etc. which enhances the base insurance coverage while offering wholesome financial security. You can add multiple riders to your term plan and customize it as per your requirement. You can even convert your term insurance policy to permanent policy by choosing a term conversion rider. A rider will cost you a little extra on your base premium, but the benefits from it are way more than the additional cost.

Mind Tranquillity – Term Insurance provides various benefits like financial stability, tax benefit, illness coverage, but above all, it gives you peace of mind. You can’t predict uncertainties, but still, you can at least secure the financial future of your loved ones. We see today, everybody is stressed and depressed for so many reasons, but most people are worried due to economic insecurity. Being the only breadwinner in the family can give you mental strain because it is soul-crushing to think about your family in your absence. And in such a situation, the term life insurance plan gives you peace of mind. It would be great if you opt for a coverage amount, which is more than 10-15 times your annual salary because of the increasing inflation rate.


Why Should You Consider Having Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways?

Deciding on the right paving system for your property or home is an important step as far as long-term investment in your property is concerned. Pattern imprinted concrete provides a really innovative method of designing the surface of a freshly poured already mixed concrete in order to give a beautiful concrete design that is reminiscent of stone, brick, tiles or cobbles.

When it comes to the driveways, this paving method offers much more than just access to your home. As the amounts of technology-driven enhancements being done to the method as well as the features of imprinted concrete increases, so does the number of homes looking to add texture, design and a wow factor to the exterior part of their homes.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using this paving method. But, remember, to get the most out of this project, it’s important that you have a clear understanding of the types of patterns that can be designed for you. This is to ensure you get exactly what you desire. The reasons include:

· It provides great visual aesthetics: The pattern imprints can create virtually any design you want whether you would like to match it with your walls in terms of colour and pattern, or communicate something. Things such as stones, tiles, bricks and cobbles do come in designs and shapes that are ordinary. You can get custom-made pattern imprinted concrete driveways specially for you to complement the exterior decor of your home, even if you want unique features like circles, borders, cracks control joints as well as other looked-for features.

· It improves the face value of your property: There is absolutely no doubt that such driveways add instant curb appeal to your home. The artistic patterns and designs not only add aesthetic value to your home, it also creates a sense of unique personality to your home exterior that differentiate it from the rest of the homes in the neighbourhood. Majority of home buyers look for particular level of uniqueness, and tailored imprinted concrete designs on your driveway will add that magnetic pull, thereby increasing your Return on Investment without spending too much. concrete driveways sydney

· It’s very affordable: Compared to other pavement methods, pattern imprinted concrete is quite affordable. This is as a result of the fact that concrete itself is cheaper compared to other materials used for such purposes, for instance, tiles. Furthermore, once laid, this pavement material does not require regular maintenance and are much more durable. This will save you the cost of having to hire maintenance services often.


No Deposit Casinos

In the world of internet gambling, no deposit casinos are rapidly rising in popularity. Paying a deposit to play casino games online can take a lot of the fun out of playing these games, and deter you from going to the casinos in the first place. But by offering free play to new users, a no deposit casino can entice new users to try the games without the risk and then hope that these new users will become regular players in the casino.

No deposit online casinos allow new users to play the virtual slot machines without having to pay a deposit. Think of it as being allowed to use the actual physical slot machines in a live casino without having to insert a coin. These casinos may offer the bonus in terms of a certain number of spins which may range from just a few to several hundred, or to a limited amount of time, such as one hour of spins. For many sites these are just standard bonuses offered to any new user that comes on and creates an account to start playing.

Slicing It In More Ways Than One

Another way to take advantage of no deposit casinos online is to use one of the free bonus codes offered through affiliate and gambling news websites. These sites are intended to keep the online gambling audience informed of new developments in internet casinos and provide codes and offers that encourage users to patronize new casinos. These codes entitle the user to bonuses specified by the participating casino and can be anything from a $10 and no deposit offer allowing a new user to spend $10 gambling free to a few hundred dollars’ worth of free gambling with no deposit required. These can be extremely attractive offers that influence new users to go to several online casinos in order to take advantage of the bonus offers.

To protect themselves from people who never intend on using the casino beyond the bonus, online casinos implement a wagering limit before allowing any user to cash out his earnings. This varies depending on the casino and the amount of earnings. This ensures that new users will have the opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of online gambling without having to pay a deposit, but also without allowing them to take money from the casino without some type of non-free bonus activity. The casinos are still businesses and must look out for their own interest. บาคาร่า

Offering no deposit and bonus money codes and promotions can bring in plenty of new users that fully intend on becoming regular players, but can also entice people just wanting to get money fast.
With the number of internet casinos steadily on the rise, it is easy to see how people can get hooked to playing in them. The bright advertisements and enthusiastic descriptions are almost as intoxicating as the real thing. This can make it difficult for a particularly susceptible person to try just one and move on. Some people may find the offers too good to pass up and end up devoting innumerable hours to internet gambling. When used properly, though, internet casinos can be fun and profitable.