Here’s Why Small Businesses Should Tap Bookkeeping Services

Entrepreneurs recognise the price of proper bookkeeping but with so much on their plates, it’s miles not possible to be a one guy team who runs the business, deal with minor details, or perhaps monitoring the cash going in or out. Owners of small agencies who want a bookkeeping service can both hire an in-residence bookkeeper or outsource the work to a bookkeeping provider company.

The way we do business has modified with the supply of era. Bookkeeping offerings help companies with their backend needs consisting of properly monitoring debts payable, money owed receivable, expenditures, income or losses, among different important accounting concerns of your enterprise. A bookkeeping service can do all this while not having to be physically found in your office. Here are a few pinnacle benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping needs:

No Headaches, More Time

Doing all of the bookkeeping by yourself or in-house will truly be time that isn’t spent wisely. The time you will commit for such responsibilities may be spent thinking about advertising and marketing your business, crafting new merchandise, enhancing procedures, amongst others. When you lease a bookkeeping carrier, you can spend more time thinking about how you could improve your brand, achieve your goals, or disrupt the enterprise and affect meaningful adjustments.

Cost Effective

If you will lease an in-house employee to do all the bookkeeping obligations for you, then be ready to pay more. Do no longer forget to encompass inside the equation blessings to pay, payroll taxes, retirement plans, unwell leaves, medical insurance, among others that you are required to do via law for your employee.

When you hire bookkeeping services you can hire them on a in line with venture basis or pay them hourly, weekly, or month-to-month relying on your wishes and agreement with them. Everything will clearly rely on your wishes, the scale of your company, and the quantity of work that wishes to be done.

Experts Doing What They Know Best

Bookkeepers will do bookkeeping best. Not which you are terrible in numbers but allow us to just say that it is high-quality to depart these things to the professionals. Bookkeeping services have teams and groups of accountants and bookkeepers that realize what they ought to do even if they may be 1/2 asleep. The distinctly-skilled bookkeepers may be there to deal with all your queries and issues. What’s satisfactory is that they will now not scratch their heads but offer answers and solutions that can help you run your commercial enterprise better.

Bookkeeper vs. A Team of Bookkeepers

When you outsource your bookkeeping desires, you are practically tapping a terrific pool of abilties that can help every other to serve your brand. What’s exquisite about this is that it’s going to now not cost you as a whole lot when you hire an equivalent variety of accountants or bookkeepers to work on your workplace.

Scalability is likewise a non-trouble whilst you outsource your bookkeeping needs. As your enterprise grows and as your desires diversify, a bookkeeping organization can without difficulty adjust to them as they already have the manpower and systems to achieve this.

Quality Work

Numbers is everything for bookkeeping services. They stay by means of the numbers and first-rate checks are in region to make certain mistakes are prevented at all value. Remember that a bookkeeping errors can reason primary headaches for commercial enterprise proprietors and also you want to avoid that with the aid of forming an amazing relationship with a bookkeeping service with the fine human beings to do the process and the excellent technologies and systems to ensure everything is as correct as feasible.


Advantages of Solar Panels

A solar panel is a device that is used to absorb energy from the sun in order to generate heat or in many cases electricity. It is also referred to as a photovoltaic cell since it is made of many cells that are used to convert the light from the sun into electricity. The only raw material for these solar panels is the sun. it is made in such a way that the cells face the sun in order to enable maximum absorption of the sun rays. The greater the energy from the sun is, the more the electricity that is generated. Solar panels are used in many homesteads in the world due to their many pros that are far more than cons. Some of these pros are discussed below.

One very important advantage of using solar panels is that they do not emit any gases that are common in green houses. The panels do not emit any smoke, chemical or heavy metals that can be risk factors to human health. Solar panels are therefore environmental friendly when compared to burning of fossil fuels to generate energy. This is very important since carbon emissions are dangerous and avoiding their emission helps in safeguarding our present and future environment. Being environment friendly is important since the government is constantly coming up with ways to control global warming and the use of solar panels is a great way to start. The solar panels therefore maintain a clean setting and they leave the air fresh. More importantly they help in prevention of many cancer incidences. This is because some products from some sources of energy like nuclear energy have been said to cause cancer due to initiation of mutations in cells.

Secondly, use of solar panels ensures ongoing free energy for those who use it. This is mainly because the only cost incurred is that of installation. Once the installation has been done the energy is free since the panel does not require regular maintenance or fuel to run it. It also requires no raw materials for its operation. It works as long as there are sun rays which is an everyday thing in most parts of the world. In a world where equal distribution of resources is continuously being sought, this is very important since each and everyone has equal rights when it comes to use of solar energy. This is because the energy from the sun falls on all. This is a good way to maintain equality as compared with energy from fossil fuel which low income homesteads do not afford in many cases.

There is also the advantage in that, the use of solar panels enable the decentralization of power. This is very important since it is very cheap. This is mainly because when power is not decentralized, it has to be shared by all and is as a result transported to many areas. With this happening, there are very many costs that are incurred. These include; the wear and tear of vehicles, the air pollution among others. These costs are all incorporated in the electricity bills of individuals as the government does not cover the expenses. It is therefore more advantageous to use solar panels as a saving plan and to create a sense of fairness since those in power tend to take advantage and use their positions to embezzle funds. This is not fair on the citizens’ part. This is because most of them struggle to make ends meet.

A solar panel can be operated off grid. This is a great advantage for those who live in very isolated areas or in rural regions. Off grid means that the house is not connected to the state’s electricity grid. This has the advantage of low cost since installation may be very expensive for those living in isolated areas. These individuals have their power lines disconnected in many instances due to the fact that it is sometimes less affordable for many. Solar panels offer a solution for this since they do not require as much to be installed. However, those living in towns can also use the off-grid technique. An added advantage in this is that there are no rules governing whether or not one wants to operate off- grid or on-grid when it comes to use of solar panels. This however is an issue when using fossil fuel generated electricity.

Solar panels generate job opportunities. This is of great importance since there is a very high rate of unemployment in the world today. These jobs are come about in the form of, manufacturing of the solar panels, research about further improvements, maintenance, development and cultural integration. With the continued presence of the sun, these jobs are guaranteed since there is ongoing improvements and modification of this device. Jobs like maintenance and installation do not require a long-term training and are therefore more advantageous for those who do not have many skills and are unemployed. Arc net

Use of solar energy is safe from price manipulations and politics. The fact that there are no raw materials that are solely controlled by monopolies ensures that there is no manipulation of prices as is the case with fossil fuels. With fossil fuels, the prices can rise as high as the monopolizing powers controlling them want. There is also less competitiveness with use of solar panels since there is no fight over such things as oil fields and other raw materials. Although the government has started addressing the issue of solar panels, there is little influence they can have in price manipulation. This is because no one controls the main raw material.

There is also less environmental destruction with the use of a solar panel. This is because there are no


Hire Air Conditioning Contractors To Keep Your Unit Running Efficiently

Whether you have just one air conditioner in your home or an entire central air cooling system, you can look for contractors to help with cleaning, maintaining, and ensuring you are saving as much energy when you are using your air conditioner or the entire unit as well.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Cleaning and replacing your filters each month will help to maintain your air conditioning unit. HVAC maintenance also includes getting an annual tune up from a professional service or contractor to ensure your air conditioning unit’s equipment is up to par and is not leaking or causing an over usage of energy use in your home. If you are not sure how to install and replace the filters in your air conditioner, you can refer to the user manual of your unit or call a professional contractor or service to help you with the installation and replacement of the new filters your unit requires.

Before working with a professional for your HVAC maintenance or even repairs, make a list of all of the concerns you may have with your unit, including any questions regarding the air conditioners filters, output of energy, or even the programmed thermostat you are using to work the unit. Asking questions will allow you to get the answers you need when you are working with a certified professional.

How to Save Energy With Your Unit

It is important to ensure your home is thoroughly insulated, including your attic as well. Close off cracks under doors and within door frames to help with keeping the cool air in your home, requiring less usage and electricity from the air conditioner. You should also consider keeping your air conditioner set at one temperature as much as possible to reduce spikes and fluctuations in your electric and gas bill monthly.

Set your home’s thermostat to an overall higher temperature when you are not at home or off at work for the day to save on energy use when you do not need the air conditioning. Also, opt for a programmable thermostat when you are trying to save money on your electric bill while also reducing your energy usage, as it will be a more accurate way to track your home’s temperature and the amount of energy you are using regularly. Air condition San diego

Consider turning off your unit when there is a calming breeze or mild temperatures outside, instead opening your windows and saving on the energy costs each month. You can also save on energy usage by closing off specific ducts in your home to concentrate the air conditioning into specific locations. This will allow you to cool other rooms quicker, needing less air conditioning or allowing you to keep the air conditioner set a bit higher without feeling too hot or uncomfortable.

How to Find Air Conditioning Contractors and Services

When you want to look for air conditioning services, you can do so by searching locally and comparing air conditioning contractors and also by browsing right from home, online. Seeking air conditioning services online allows you to compare local businesses and air conditioning contractors to find the best professional team to work with, based on the work you need done and the budget you have available to spend on hiring a company to help.



The Origins of Costume Jewellery

Fashion jewellery, junk jewelry, fake jewellery, fallalery-a lot of these are unique terms for what’s generally referred to as “gown jewelry.” Costume jewelry is largely jewelry that is made mainly to healthy or complement a selected outfit (or “costume” as nice outfits used to be referred to as) as opposed to actual jewelry which become made and designed unto itself with out regard for what it might “suit.” Also unlike real jewelry, costume jewellery became/is therefore often made with greater cheaper materials and stones, along with base metals, glass, plastic, and synthetics, as opposed to real diamonds and rarer metals. Most people could realise dress jewelry as that which originates from the early twentieth century to the Nineteen Forties or 50s, together with the lavish necklaces, bracelets, and mainly the copious amounts of clip on rings (on account that pierced ears had been, in truth, taken into consideration uncivilised in bygone generations) with a myriad of lush styles in pearl clip on earrings, semi-valuable gemstone clip on jewelry, Swarovski crystal clip on earrings, and on and on. Indeed, these days, antique costume jewellery is regularly preserved in collections as preciously as if it turned into made from genuine stones and metals. Best jewlery Market

The beginning of reasonably-priced jewels and ornamentation cannot sincerely be particularly dated, of route, however the actual age of gown jewelry as it’s miles recognised these days occurred in kind of the Nineteen Thirties, whilst it was manufactured to accompany various fashion tendencies of that generation. In this way, it have become possible for ladies to observe developments in jewellery without spending fortunes, and it consequently opened up a whole new street of inventive freedom in jewellery-making and design. No longer have been jewels more often than not keepsakes, investments, or valuable heirlooms-they were expressions of a stylish fashion within the equal potential as apparel, and also as variable. Therefore, costume jewellery went via numerous eras of layout to mirror the modes of style, drastically three typically widespread fundamental “durations” that are the Art Deco duration, the Retro period, and the Art Modern duration.

The Art Deco length passed off often from approximately 1920 to the 1930s, and it became, of course, additionally the primary time costume jewellery was delivered into real mass production. The style became intended to be a marriage among the innovative sensibilities of artwork and the angular, gadget-oriented era of mass production that had taken over industry with the aid of that time. Geometrical patterns and symmetrical designs therefore predominantly replaced clean curves and roundness. The collections had been additionally characterised via bangle bracelets, long pendants, cocktail jewelry, and ornate add-ons including cigarette cases and holders. However, the Art Deco motion got here to a relative quit when the Great Depression took over, in addition to with the onset of World War II.

Next came the Retro duration, which happened about 1935 to 1940, and in this era the designs additionally meditated a dynamic among the genuine artisanship of conventional jewellery instead of mass produced jewels and ornaments. This time, however, the designs struggled with this dynamic rather than utilising it as an inspirational foundation for the overall fashion (with the machine-like geometric styles of Art Deco), and so Retro length jewellery sought a union with extra natural topics and substances along with plastic and guy-made substances. Flowers, bows and sunburst designs became popular, in particular in Hollywood, which in turn inspired style closely via the medium of film. Also moonstones, ballerinas, horse motifs, and military influences, and many others. Got here into play as jewellery tried to reclaim a reference to conventional beauty and historical life-style imagery. Since America became recuperating economically right now, while Europe become at struggle and in a deep economic melancholy, America led the layout and fabrication of jewellery at this time, until the Art Modern duration came into play next.

The Art Modern duration got here after World War II, approximately 1945 to 1960, and though nonetheless following a trend returned to traditional jewellery design, this era noticed a diminishing of the big, ambitious themes of the Retro length. In preferred, the 50s and 60s jewellery was regularly greater tailored and understated in its issues and references, if now not understated in its general look and formidable style. Jewels of this era have been very formidable and indulgent, with massive, chunky bracelets or attraction bracelets, and portions making use of rhinestones, jade, opal, topaz and citrine. Pins have been popular as nicely, and those pins might often explicit the maximum overt references to a particular theme or representational photograph in Art Modern jewellery, inclusive of poodle pins and Christmas themed pins. In truth, Christmas themed jewellery collections have been very a great deal in fashion as properly.

After 1960, it’s far a bit extra difficult to define the general direction of fashion jewelry. Some say costume jewelry merged into a trendy plethora of jewelry being made available so broadly it is able to not be said to awareness on specific issues, patterns, or models of an technology. Particularly nowadays, the worldwide market makes it possible for the common jewelry consumer to pick from limitless cultural styles and modes of favor from round the arena or even from throughout history. This does now not suggest that there isn’t a very recognisable preferred appearance or trend on this generation, however, it’s far supremely more tough to pin down with the explosion of worldwide interchange, international production, international communique, and fashion traits that evolve as fast as the net or tv can venture them. Truly, jewellery and fashion displays the era it exists in, and today, fashion is speedy. Costume jewellery, though thriving, is often a blended and variable factor similar to all of present day art, industry and media.


Solar Home Heat

Solar warmth for homes isn’t always a daydream. As electricity expenses rise and the worldwide network talks of electricity resources drying up, sun homes are getting more and more appealing to clients. So is the concept of heating the house with solar strength. As a end result, ways to warmth a domestic with sun power are getting more inexpensive. Best Solar Company

Solar warmth for houses may be finished in numerous ways. It isn’t always virtually a be counted of placing photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof and producing strength for a furnace. That may be carried out, however different matters can also be executed to get sun heat for houses.

Passive Solar Heat for Homes

Passive sun is one of the handiest techniques of acquiring solar heat for homes. Passive solar heating collects and distributes heat from the solar without outside, mechanical pumping structures.

Passive sun warmth for homes starts offevolved by means of positioning the solar domestic in this type of way that it takes full gain of iciness sunlight to heat interior rooms and walls. In the northern hemisphere, a sun domestic could be placed to provide its essential location southern exposure. In the southern hemisphere, a sun home might be located to offer its predominant area northern publicity.

Passive sun warmness for houses is likewise to be had thru constructing materials and architectural design. A solar home have to have many vertical windows on its winter sun exposure aspect to gather sun warmth. These windows must be glazed, and exposed in the course of the day to permit warmth to enter. As the solar goes down, sun shades and curtains need to be drawn to keep the heat. The facet of the sun domestic that gets summer season daylight need to have fewer, and smaller, windows.

A passive solar domestic must characteristic loads of brick, concrete, stone, or adobe (mud bricks) that absorb and keep warmness in the course of the day, releasing it step by step because the air cools. These constructing substances ought to be used for partitions and flooring in which the daylight will hit them.

Passive solar heat for houses also calls for thick insulation. Once warmth has entered the solar domestic via large, glazed home windows, insulation will help maintain it there because the air cools. Placing the garage on the non-sun facet and essential living quarters at the “publicity” aspect additionally allows warmness a sun home.

Active Solar Heat for Homes

Active solar structures for heating a solar home consist of “creditors” that collect sun strength, and electric powered enthusiasts or pumps to distribute accumulated warmness. Heat is transferred by using liquid or air, and may be stored to offer heat when the solar is not shining.

Solar air “creditors” will collect sun power in air passing thru the machine. The air absorbs the solar’s warmth, and transfers it into the sun domestic. This works best for heating man or woman rooms, although some structures can warmth larger regions with the usage of pumps and fans. Solar air creditors for character rooms can be set up in an present window.

Solar liquid “collectors” are greater appropriate for vital heating. These are the identical form of collector as those utilized in sun water heating structures. Flat plate collectors are hooked up, normally on a roof. Each collector contains water, antifreeze, or every other liquid with a purpose to accumulate the solar strength. At a predetermined time, regulated by a controller, a circulating pump sends the fluid through the roof-pinnacle collector. The liquid is directed to a heat exchanger for immediate use, or despatched to a garage tank for later use.

Active liquid sun warmness for houses may be sent via pipes under the ground to keep a fair radiant warmness at ground level. Radiant ground heating is ideal for liquid solar structures. It performs well, even at distinctly low temperatures.


Illinois Casinos

Illinois is home to riverboat casinos, and there are 9 major casinos in Illinois. Illinois casinos have been limited by the government’s restrictions and are taxed at the highest rate in the nation. The laws also limit the amount of gaming licenses that can be issued to 9, and the state is now at the maximum for gaming licenses. Illinois casinos do, however, offer a wide range of gaming options.

Illinois was the 5th state admitted to the union on December 3, 1818. It covers an area of 57,918 square miles. It is a Great Lakes state, and is nicknamed the “Prairie State”. The population, as reported in December 2000, is 12,419,293 and it is the 5th most populated state in the U.S. With the introduction of the Alton Belle, Illinois became only the second state to allow riverboat casinos. All of the casinos offer great gaming from Slots to Blackjack to Roulette, and welcome all guests over the age of 21.

Argosy’s Alton Belle Casino was the first riverboat casino in Illinois, opening its doors in 1991. It is located at 1 Front Street in Alton. There are three restaurants available for guests. The casino occupies 23,000 square feet and operates from 9am to 5pm every day. It features a 1,200-passenger yacht and a barge.

Argosy’s Empress Casino is located at 2300 Empress Drive in Joliet. There are 85 rooms and 17 suites available at the casino hotel. The casino operates from 10am to 4am on Friday and from 10am to 4am on Saturday. There are three restaurants on site. The casino occupies 50,000 square feet, and has special features like an 80-space RV park and 2,500-passenger barge. UFABET

Casino Queen is located in East Saint Louis at 200 South Front Street. There are 150 rooms and 7 suites available at the casino as well. The casino operates from 9am to 7am daily. It occupies 27,500 square feet and offers many features. Besides gaming, Casino Queen offers a 2,500-passenger paddle wheeler, a 140-space RV park and easy access to MetroLink light-rail station.

These are only three of the nine Illinois casinos. They all offer special features that are worth taking a look at, like paddleboats and barges. Most casinos also offer great dining on site. Illinois casinos offer much more than gambling – they offer a great vacation experienc


Rent a Car in Dubai Online

Thinking to have a visit to Dubai? If yes, then you should consider few important matters before you fly to Dubai, such as accommodation and transportation. Both are very important and can help you to make your holidays more wonderful. There are two ways to arrange the transportation; the first one is that if you have any relatives or friends in Dubai you can ask if they can provide you their car. The second and foremost one is to have “rent a car”.

The airport is one of the first places where you will need a car that can pick you. In view of that, you will need to hire a car at Dubai airport. The best way is to rent a car online before you arrive to the airport. You will need to give the exact time of your arrival during the booking process. The car will be waiting for you at the airport and you will be picked as soon as your arrive, this way your precious time will also be saved.

Booking a car online in Dubai is as easy as 123, just a few clicks can booked your desired car for you. You can check out thousand of cars online and accordingly choose the one you desire. Just make sure you enter the correct information while processing the booking form, such as arrival time/date, credit car info, the airport name etc. Also make sure you choose the most suitable car/vehicle for you, you can choose how big or small you want your car or vehicle to be. rent a car in Al Barsha

You can save few of your $ if you book your car carefully, meaning there are few affordable and Discount offers on the internet. You will need to check them out and book the car that is cost-effective. We hope all the tips we mentioned help you in hiring the best car rental for you in Dubai.


Tips To Save Costs When Using Decorative Concrete Services

Decorative concrete is very versatile. It is also a less expensive choice than using other medium. Once you have chosen concrete their are further ways to save money using decorative concrete services. After looking at concrete you might decide you would have wanted it over granite or marble anyway.

Many of us only think of the mundane uses of concrete like public sidewalks. In fact you can shape concrete into many different patterns and shapes. Concrete can also be made to appear in different colors. The feel and look and can also be smooth and shiny. Those initial thoughts need to be overcome before exploring the choices of concrete fully.

These days it is very popular to replace counter tops. Many people choose granite and marble for their kitchens. The use of these materials is widespread but with the economy having challenges people are looking for alternatives.

A less costly alternative for replacing counter tops is concrete. If you are looking for a granite or marble look you can get it from concrete. It also is very sturdy and scratch resistance. Concrete is effective against damage from heat as well. You can place a hot pan on it and not be concerned.

The cost of a project depends on how intricate your design ends up being. This is the case with any concrete project whether it is a counter top or something like the surrounding to a fireplace. You can reduce your costs by keeping it simpler. Straight cuts and lines also cost less than curves.

Flooring is also a common use of concrete. It can be a money saver when compared to marble and granite. This is true whether it is for a business or home. Concrete is a good choice because it will last a long time. Polishing techniques can give it a very shiny look.

Concrete floors are less expensive than other materials and you can save further money by other choices you can make. Choose one color or stain. If you budget for it you might choose to have different color on the floor but it will cost you more.

Concrete can be a part of many outdoor and indoor decorations. Patios and pool decks are places you can find concrete used in decorative ways. These are just a couple of the possibilities. Driveways are another place where you might use concrete in a decorative manner. There are many wonderful driveways made with more than one color of concrete.

Saving money starts with consultation with a designer. It is hard to resist all of the great ideas they will have for you. The cost of labor and materials increases with the number of graphics and details. It is imperative that you stick with your intended budget. western sydney concrete

Before proceeding with decorative concrete services it is important to get a clear listing of your costs. A quality company will clearly lay your labor costs and price for materials. You may also be charged for the time it takes to create the design. This will give you another chance to find places to cut costs.



Can You Afford to Skip the Casino Feasibility Study?

The idea to develop a casino is often driven by circumstances such as having sub-optimized space in the foyer of a hotel, the need to fill a gap in hotel occupancy or the availability of a license as part of a tourism investment scheme. All too often the idea develops a life of its own and the next steps are the creation of a casino design (that neatly fits the development team’s perception of what players want) and the start of construction, followed by the search for casino management. The problem is that there are common misconceptions about casinos and gamblers that lead developers into pitfalls time-and-time again! More about that later but let’s look at how the most successful operators go about things…They start with an understanding of the market, its willingness, size, disposable income, access, competition (for all entertainment), market-specific needs and compatibility of the player profiles with other users of the hotel, resort or entertainment complex. This understanding then forms the basis for the remainder of the feasibility study which estimates the number of potential visitors and their frequency of visit, the length of the average gaming session and the average stake. Extrapolating further, projections about the capacity requirements in terms of equipment, floor area and operating times are formulated. Finally, financial spreadsheets are crafted to present a supported and considered opinion on profit, capital expenditure and returns on investment. But more than just the numbers, the feasibility focuses thinking on how to optimize the opportunity, on flushing out potential fatal flaws and on what will be required to compete effectively in the market. The feasibility does not need to be a lengthy and expensive exercise conducted by a celebrated academic. What’s sufficient in the early stages is to understand whether you have a rough diamond or a worthless glass chip. A professional casino consultant will be able to deliver an initial feasibility for a reasonable price in as little as 10-working days, providing not only a decision point on the idea or opportunity at hand but also delivering a framework for screening future opportunities. Let’s look at some of the pitfalls…

The “license to print money” myth is a surprisingly popular assumption about casinos and one that seems to prevent people from conducting all the usual due diligence and care that would go into say, a shop or restaurant opportunity screening exercise. Examples that come to mind follow. A large casino was developed in a jurisdiction where there are restrictions placed on slot machine maximum stakes. The revenue expectations of the slot machines were heavily relied upon to render the casino viable. When a revenue capacity model was run on the slots by an experienced manager several days before opening, it showed that it was a physical impossibility to generate the required slots income with the number of machines installed… Naturally the casino failed to live up to expectations. A large casino developed in Britain by a US operator failed miserably because it did not understand the propensity for live gaming or the mobility of players in the market, whilst a British company failed spectacularly in Las Vegas because it didn’t understand the customer and made fatal design flaws. UFABET

The “James Bond” image is another popular misconception about players and casinos. The Pareto Principle applies heavily to casinos with approximately 80% (or more) of the revenue being produced by 20% (or less) of the visitors. That 20% does not constitute people who don formal dress for an occasional night out; it’s more typified by the frequent visitor who feels at home in the casino in comfortable, casual wear. The un-initiated 5-Star Hotel manager is invariably aghast at the presence in his or her lobby of the “non-James Bond-ness” shall we say, of the casino players! “Where’s that casino manager, he’s obviously got this all wrong…” And on goes the conflict-of-interests. The feasibility study will enable the corporation to identify these conflicting situations in time to create solutions such as providing a separate casino entrance and differentiating F&B standards and prices in the hotel and casino


Cambodia Casinos

There is an interesting background to the Cambodia casinos that lie just across the border from neighboring Thailand, where casino gambling is illegal. Eight casinos are situated in a relatively small area in the city of Poipet in Cambodia. This conclave of Cambodia casinos is in a prime location, a three to four drive from Bangkok and Macao, the two biggest gambling centers in Asia. Cambodia casinos do a thriving business with Thai workers and visitors from Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, with only very few Westerners. The phenomenal income gained from the casinos ranges from $7.5 million to over 12.5 million, and there are few restrictions or registration requirements for casino ownership. Ownership is presumed to be largely Thai; however, investment sources are vague. The borders are officially open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and although visas are supposedly required to cross, there are ways around this, as is true of most border crossings.

The first Cambodia casinos opened in Phnom Penh in 1994, but were forced to close in 1998, leaving only one casino in the capital, the Naga Resort. The Naga, a stationary boat casino, features 150 slots and sixty table games. The Naga casino is open 24 hours with 42 tables of mini-baccarat, four tables of blackjack, 10 of roulette, two of Caribbean Stud Poker, and one each of Pai-Gow and Tai-Sai. UFABET

The first casino in Poipet, the Holiday Palace, opened in 1999 and the Golden Crown soon followed. There are 150 slots and five table games at the Golden Crown and 104 slots and 68 table games at the Holiday Palace. The newer Holiday Palace Casino and Resort features 300 slots and 70 table games and the Princess Hotel and Casino, also in Poipet, has 166 slots and 96 gaming tables, including 87 baccarat (the most popular game), Fan Tan, and Pai Gow. In addition, there is the Casino Tropicana, with 135 slots and 66 of the familiar table games, as well as one table of Casino Stud Poker. Another one of the eight casinos in Poipet, also in a hotel, is the Princess Casino with 166 slots and 97 games. The Star Vegas Casino is part of an international resort and hotel complex that features a number of amenities in addition to the casino, which has 10,000 square feet of 130 slots and 88 table games.

Across the Cambodian border at Asmech/Surin is one casino, the Casino O Samet, with 100 slots and 50 tables of baccarat. In addition, the Koh Kong Casino, in the province of Trat, is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., with 100 slots and four table games. A smaller casino, Le Macau Casino and Hotel, opened recently at Bavet on the Vietnamese border.